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We’ve been in business for more than 25 years. So it’s safe to say, that we possess a lot of knowledge when it comes to travel. We’ve also built a large and expansive network of partners, suppliers and companies during this time. All of this comes together so that we can pass it on to you to make the best decisions for your company’s travel needs.

The Connections

  • We’re part of the ABC corporate hotel consortium which provides corporate hotel rates at all major hotel chains worldwide. Which will always give you preferred rates without having to do any negotiations
  • We have corporate contracts with all the major car companies to give your company access to preferred rates for vehicle rentals

The Resources

  • Our Account Executives are extremely knowledgable about the travel industry. This gives you an edge as they guide you to make the best decisions with your company’s travel budget

The Tools

  • GT+ utilizes the industry standard “Sabre Reservation System”
  • “Sabre” provides us on-demand pricing to find your travellers the lowest, logical fares
  • The TRIPCASE App for your mobile smartphone helps us give your team members their travel info instantly and easily

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