we aim to support

Our agents and staff provide a high touch service that always mindful of the unique, personal preferences of each traveller. We put 100% into everything, especially the details to give the traveler (and travel managers) the proper support for every step of the travel experience. From searching for the best fares, schedule changes to hotel service and more, your travel agent (and our entire staff) are always ready to help.

The Agent

  • Each traveller is connected to their very own travel agent, which they’ll have for as long as you book flights with us.
  • A back-up agent is in place should the primary agent be away providing a seamless process for the traveller
  • Our agents are experienced with an average of 10-15 years in corporate travel services
  • Agents are available by e-mail or telephone depending on your traveller’s preference
  • Our responses to your travellers inquiries and requests are are always handled in a timely manner

The Extras

  • We can also provide Meeting and/or Conference planning services if needed
  • We can arrange group ground transportation for visiting guests or for your team during their travel
  • We can organize hospitality tours of surrounding areas for business guests
  • We can also provide interpreters if needed for your guests
  • We provide a “boutique” style of travel service. We’ll give 100% to ensure your unique needs are met.

The Details

  • We can help your travellers with Travel Visa
  • We provide on-line booking tools available through your mobile smartphone or tablet
  • Your travellers are provided E-ticket and itinerary information sent via e-mail for easy access
  • Traveller profiles maintained on our secure system, so always have your needs and preferences met.
  • Travel information can be updated and modified at the request of the traveller or travel manager with ease.
  • Emergency 24/7 after hours support are available to aid travellers with changes, new bookings or any other situation that may occur when enroute

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